Get to know Tjay

Apostle Tjay is a passionate lover of God. His mandate is to challenge the church to live by faith and to become a force in the nations of the Earth.

As an apostolic leader and builder Tjay oversees Network Edification, a ministry committed to building and shifting the church into the reality of its governmental/ leadership mandate.

Through the ministry of Network Edification Churches, Tjay oversees the development of churches with clear five-fold ministry expressions and operations. He is also the lead strategist for Network Edification Alliance providing mentoring, covering and direction for ministries, ministry gifts & kingdom enterprises.

As a passionate educator and leadership developer, he is the visionary of Network Edification College where leaders of the emerging church are being resourced.

He is passionate about the emerging church broadening the scope of its operations; beyond the four walls to become influencers & creators of culture.

He is graced by God to communicate the mysteries of the kingdom of God with wisdom, power, relevance and without compromise.

Together with the beautiful Beatrice, he co-labours in life and ministry.


Network Edification

The vision of Network Edification is to empower the Church [Ekklesia] to establish God’s governmental influence in every sphere of human endeavour. We are a network of churches, an alliance of leaders/ministry gifts and a conglomerate of kingdom initiatives in the corporate world/ marketplace.

We believe that the fullness of Christ is revealed and manifested through the synergy of different parts. Our goal is to create spiritual systems and environments where believers can connect with a functional body that enables them to find significance and fulfilment in advancing the cause of God’s kingdom.

We are playing our part in building the body until it grows up to Christ in all things. We seek to bring down the walls of division and collaborate with those who genuinely represent Christ. We are positioned to represent God’s counsel in the nations and to enact His will.

NE Alliance

A strategic alliance for ministry and market place leaders/pioneers to thrive in the advancement of the kingdom. We create the platform for leaders and ministry gifts to engage, interact, develop and collaborate. The NE Alliance is a safe space and environment for leaders to be authentic in pursuit of the high calling of God.

The context of the ministry is founded on the premise of Ephesians 4 and the necessity of kingdom-driven leadership. We believe the body of Christ is rapidly moving towards a profound level of synergy which will usher in the highest levels of impact. The NE Alliance is entrusted with ensuring that leaders complement each other without competing. 

Who can Join the NE Alliance?
  • Senior Leaders
  • Emerging unordained leaders who are involved in pioneering
  • Founders of ministries and marketplace initiatives/businesses
  • Youth Leaders
  • Churches
  • Para-churches and ministries
  • Organisations in the marketplace
  • In some cases, aspiring and recommended potential leaders

NE College

NE College facilitates several training days/courses. Our courses are leadership, theological and ministerial level in nature.

Our Ministerial training course is an opportunity to spiritually invest in solid organised theology with explosive spiritual insight! A combination of both systematic and practical theology.

M.T.C Year 1 studies within our network covers the necessary material prescribed for those who are studying to the level of deacons.

M.T.C. Year 2 studies within our network is a prescription for anyone who wants to study to the level of Eldership.

On completion of the year course, you will receive a certificate which will confirm that you have been through the course.

NE Churches

GOV Church

GOV Church is a community of Kingdom citizens set apart to reveal the leadership of Jesus unapologetically. We are intentional about presenting the household of God to reach and to serve people from all walks of life, in every sphere of influence. We are based in London city, serving the London and Kent areas with our inner-city missions.

GN Church Midlands

GN Church Midlands is a community of kingdom citizens, a spiritual parliament advancing the government of Jesus In the Midlands. Operating out of Leicester city, we run several kingdom initiatives to strengthen faith and advance the faith.