This session focuses on the partnership of the Holy spirit in the modern-day context of ministry and leadership. If the Spirit brings influence and Leadership is about influence, it is impossible to have kingdom influence without the Spirit.

What we aim to cover:

  • The place of the Spirit in leadership
  • Overview of the 7 Spirits of God
  • Corporate anointings in Leadership and the rules of engagement
  • Leading in a spiritual context
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How to study the bible

Learn to study, engage and pursue the word. This tool will help relate to God’s word as living and active! Gain depth and strengthen your intimacy with God.

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This resource will help you identify the processes you go through as a believer in developing into the fullness of Christ. The different stages of growth are carefully detailed to help you navigate your walk of faith, developing you into a mature leader.


Pioneering is a leader’s devotional. It puts into perspective what you need to start and sustain world-changing ideas. We thrive when our faith is creative and proactive. Move from ideas to strategy. Begin today! Download for free!

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